Wild Things Season 1 DVDs OUT NOW!

OUT NOW! The North American distributor for the BBC, Warner Home Entertainment have now released two Wild Things DVD’s: Creepy Crawlers and Deadliest Critters. These DVD’s are available on Amazon, Walmart,… Price of the single DVD’s: $14.98!

creepycrawlers deadliestcritters

Click to buy!

BBC America Shop:

Click here

The first DVD set of Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan (season 1) has also been released in Australia! – Click HERE to buy!

This DVD is a region 4 DVD, which means it will play in the following areas : South America, Central America, Caribbean, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Papa New Guinea and much of Oceania (as well as on any region free DVD players). Some of these areas have not aired the episodes on TV yet so this is an opportunity for fans there to finally watch the show. International shipping is available from the ABC shop. Price of the DVD set: $34.99

ITV dvd set



3 thoughts on “Wild Things Season 1 DVDs OUT NOW!

  1. Do you know if they are releasing season in it’s entirety yet? I have all the season 1 eps tivoed & don’t want to delete them untill I actually have them on DVD.
    Peace, Juli

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