UK fans! Wild Things season 2 will air here too!

UPDATE September 2014: Season 2 is now airing on Watch TV and available on their On Demand! Sundays, 4PM.

Great news for the English fans! And even the worldwide fans!

While ITV Studios Global Entertainment had the rights to season 1, only 4 episodes of the in total 8 of season 1 were aired on Channel 5 in the UK (though they have just recently released a 5th episode On Demand – HERE. This was done right after it was revealed that a new species of spider was discovered in Laos during the filming of that particular episode). Channel 5 has now also opted not to acquire a second series after they said they recorded poor ratings. Last week BBC America announced it was the sole commissioner of the second series which will launch next year in the US.

However, BBC Worldwide has now taken over the international rights to the Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan! They plan to distribute the series internationally, and they will work with the producers, Wildfire Entertainment and Canadian indie Cream Productions, to shop the second series to other UK broadcasters.



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