What is your favourite Wild Things episode from season 1?

A while back, just after season 1 finished airing, I asked people what their favourite episode was of the series, here are the results!


I guess people especially love it when he does crazy things on the show like experiments with army ants and climbing up trees to see millions of honey bees! If you don’t agree with the results, or just want to add your favourite, the poll is still open HERE 

Everyone that did the poll rated it Awesome! and wanted a second season. Well great news, a second season has been confirmed for 2014! Dominic is shooting it soon, starting in Africa looking for the world’s largest spitting cobra, and he will also be doing an episode in New Zealand with Billy Boyd!

Dominic released the following:  “I’m excited to travel the world and continue to tell stories about the rare and beautiful animals we share this planet with on Season 2 of ‘Wild Things’. Thanks to all the fans and to BBC America for all their support on a project that means so much to me.”

The poll also had an option to leave a comment, here are some of those comments:

“Love the show. Dominic is a fantastic host and obviously enthusiastic about his “job”.”

“I absolutely love the show! Dominic has such a charming personality & makes the show extra special!”

“Dom is the perfect host! Makes me want to travel and respect all animals more <3”

“Locations are beautiful. Dom’s enthusiasm is genuine and infectious”

“The show is a great way to educate people about endangered animals and help people learn why they should be saved.”

“Hard to choose a favorite! They were all awesome!!”

“I loved all the episodes. I see him becoming the new age Steve Irwin. He knows his stuff.”

“more casual nudity please!!!”

“I’ve learned so much from this show, and I plan on watching it as long as it airs.”

“Dom helped me face my fear of spiders!!!! ^_^”

“I love the message Dom is trying to get out there about these animals.”

“I love this show because Dom is never afraid of the creatures (or if he is, he doesn’t show it) which has inspired me to get out there and face my fears!”

“I have learned so much.Thank you!”


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